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I help women and young adults via telehalth counseling all over Texas through the hurdles of adulting transitions with mental health to find their path towards a meaningful life.

I want to help you. Let’s do this together

Do Any Of The Following Resonate With You?

MandalaYou wonder how you’ll ever catch up and get back on track.

MandalaYou feel so behind on all of life’s milestones. 

MandalaYou question your value, strengths, and purpose.

MandalaEverything feels out of control so much of the time.

MandalaEach new change or transition fills you with dread, self-doubt, and anxiety.

MandalaYou’ve tried to manage things on your own, and it just feels like its too much.

If so, I’m here to help


Get to Know A Bit More About What It’s Like To Work With Me

Check out the video below to learn about me and the way I connect with clients.




I provide counseling for women and young adults with anxiety, life transitions, and stress management to improve symptoms, learn coping strategies, and build self-awareness, self-esteem, and resilience.


Walk & Talk Therapy

I provide walk and talk therapy to combine traditional talk therapy with the benefits of processing in motion, to promote relaxation and increase well-being in a unique therapeutic setting.



I provide workshops and presentations online and in person for corporations and non-profit organizations on topics that support mental health awareness.

Gain freedom through new insight into yourself and your relationships.

Together, we dig deep, make sense of the chaos, and provide a way up so you can experience healing, have better relationships with yourself and those you love, and shift your perspective — forward.

Hi, I’m Victoria

I am an authentic, encouraging, resourceful guide who can help you find ease in your day-to-day and long-haul life. I provide support for adulting women and young adults experiencing the pressures of school, career, and relationships, worries about the future and the what-ifs, and the overwhelm of everyday challenges and chaos.

What makes me different: I provide a safe space for all of your emotions, your vulnerabilities, and your strengths so YOU can become YOUR greatest resource.