Counseling Services

You feel like a piece of yourself is missing, something that’s thwarting your relationships and threatening your well-being. Talk therapy can be the mirror you’ve been looking for.
That weight you feel right now? It doesn’t have to be so heavy.

I can help you with:

adulting transitions

Adulting Transitions

You are about to enter into a big adulting life change with school, career, family, or relationships. You’re feeling the pressures of this next big step. Counseling can help you feel supported, capable, and confident as you navigate these next steps.

Reset Your Path Self Steem Service


You may question your decisions, second-guess your interactions with others, overthink the smallest moments, and feel unsure of yourself each time you want to take a step forward. Counseling can help strengthen your inner security.

Reset Your Path Counseling Services Anxiety


You may be worried, panicked, have racing thoughts, tension in your body, and feel so out of control. You may be questioning every decision, and second-guessing each interaction. Counseling can help you manage the anxiety you feel, and strengthen your confidence in your own mind.

Reset Your Path Counseling Services Stress


You are overwhelmed by all of life’s ups and downs, and unsure how to make sense of things and prioritize yourself. You’re burning out with each effort. You’re not quite sure how to overcome things on your own. You’ve tried. Counseling can improve self-awareness and support your needs for balance that best fits you.