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Helping women manage feeling overwhelmed, and trapped in their own minds and start feeling calm, capable, and dare-I-say confident.

With anxiety you may feel constant worry, panic attacks, thinking that never comes to a conclusion and negative beliefs about yourself that get too big to manage. You may feel like you are going around in circles, repeating negative patterns, and stuck in your own mind. 

Perhaps you can relate. Maybe you feel like you want to escape your life or you’re noticing that you complain a lot about feeling stressed, tired, or overwhelmed…

Stuck in negativity and feeling worried all the time, you may feel like life is being spent worrying all the time.

Do You Feel Insecure, Worried, Overwhelmed?


Do any of the following resonate with you?

Reset Your Path

You feel insecure in your relationships with friends, family, coworkers, or intimate partnerships, even in the grocery line you wonder if you said something wrong.

Reset Your Path

You question yourself often.

Reset Your Path

You share your thoughts and then think over and over later how you could have said something differently.

Reset Your Path

You struggle to get started on projects or tasks because you feel pressure for it to be perfect right from the start.

Reset Your Path

You feel like you’re losing sleep thinking about all of today’s mistakes and dreading all of tomorrow’s requirements.

Reset Your Path

You feel so drained and helpless wondering if things will ever be different.

Reset Your Path

You feel distracted during your day-to-day responsibilities.

Reset Your Path

You feel dread at every part of the day, even at night before bed.

Reset Your Path

You wake up every morning feeling overwhelmed.

If any of these sound true for you, I want you to know that Anxiety comes in many forms and it’s normal to not quite know where to start and how to manage it all right now.

With support you can feel comfortable in your own mind and body, to learn the tools you want so you can feel capable to be present in your relationships, in your career, and in your personal time.

Asking for help is hard, and you’re taking a good first step towards your mental health goals.

Reset Your Path Counseling Services Counseling for Anxiety Feel

Do any of these sound like you? Adulting when feeling anxious and overwhelmed can be so hard! Especially when you feel like everything is all on you. It’s ok to ask for help.

You don’t have to do this alone. Let’s do this together.
Reset Your Path Counseling Services Counseling for Anxiety

Counseling for Anxiety Can Help You Break Your Spiral Cycles


It’s possible to feel better. Imagine a life where you could…

Reset Your Path

Stop worrying all the time.

Reset Your Path

Overcome perfectionism thoughts and get shit done.

Reset Your Path

Feel confident in yourself without imposter syndrome.

Reset Your Path

Feel secure in your relationships.

Reset Your Path

Control how you respond to anxious thoughts.

Reset Your Path

Learn your people-pleasing ways and set boundaries for your own self-care.

Reset Your Path

Shift into a more positive and hopeful outlook.

Reset Your Path

Make strong decisions for all areas of your life.

Trust yourself and your own mind so you can be fully present with others and yourself (that one only seems intimidating right now)


Counseling for Anxiety helps manage all the messy parts of anxiety and feel more confident in each area of life and especially in your own mind.

You can learn your unique toolbox of practical strategies you need to see your strengths shine and connect with your needs so you can lessen your anxiety and reset your path.

Counseling for Anxiety can help you sort through the inner dialogue and get you out of the hamster wheel of thoughts. 

I’ve helped women and young adults struggling with anxiety, panic, and worry learn skills to calm their internal self-talk, strengthen their self-awareness, communicate through anxiety to feel confident with others, find security in their perspective, and overall grow their confidence and self-care strategies. Through connection and self-reflection, you can learn your patterns and discover new ways to create calm.

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How Counseling for Anxiety Works


Through one-on-one online counseling in Houston, Texas, we’ll take a look at how things are going right now, what area s are creating the most anxiety, and start adding resources to your toolbox.

Let’s Get Started Today


Ready to start feeling better? If you feel stuck in your head, unable to trust yourself, and make steps towards change, Counseling for Anxiety could help.

Start now and discover ways to create calm out of chaos so you can reset your path. During your free phone consultation,
you can share what’s going on for you and we can explore the next steps together.